Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to the most common Guru Planner problems.

To print, you need to click on the printer icon in the top right hand corner on the layouts that you want to print. The reason for doing it this way is to prevent people from printing the whole forty-two weeks of the year or all of their term planners! 

Print Icon























The simplest way to share your planner for a replacement teacher is to print the work plan to a PDF file. You can use the free Cute PDF Writer but there are other solutions for generating PDF documents. The resulting file can then be emailed to school or wherever needed.

Steps involved:

Go to the work plan you wish to share.
Click on the 'Print icon' as per normal
Choose "Cute PDF Writer" as your printer.

Save the resulting file to your hard disk.

Email the file to the school.


For Mac OS X, print as usual and then choose "Save as pdf" from the print dialog.

Save as pdf image

This occurs when the program won't let go of the settings on the first Guru screen.

To fix this:

  1. Open Guru Planner
  2. On the front page/screen click into the "Planner Type" field (you may need to click more than once).
  3. Delete the text so there is nothing in this field and then click somewhere else on the screen.
  4. Close Guru Planner completely
  5. Re-open Guru Planner and select your preferred Planning Template
  6. Close and re-open Guru to check that it "sticks"

Sharing the same Guru Planner work plan is a little tricky but there are a few options. If you both have a copy of Guru Planner the problem is that you never have 1 work plan with all the data and this probably why you want to share the planner!

One option is to use a USB stick with Guru Planner installed on it and share it. The problem is that you can't do any planning when the other person has the USB stick. If you used this method you would really need to make sure you backed up the USB stick regularly as they are not that reliable at times.

Another option to place Guru Planner on your server at school (only one person can access it at a time) but you would both be able to access it throughout the working week. The problem here is that you can't plan outside school (unless you can get remote access to the server).

So there really isn't a good solution to this problem at this time.

When you install Guru 2010, by default it will try and install into a users home directory which will make backup easier.

In the past Guru 2005 to 2009 installed into c:\Program files\Guru Planner 200x\
Where 'x' is the year eg Guru Planner 2009

So to answer your question, that data will still be on the computer after you install Guru 2010. However, it is always good practice to have a backup of that data. And for archive purposes I would suggest you copy the whole Guru Planner folder of previous years to a safe, secure place on a school server.

Lastly, you can always print out the whole 40 or 41 weeks of workplans. Just got to the first Guru screen and towards the bottom you will see a button which says "Print All Work Plan Weeks" . Just click on it. You can also "print to file" to if you have cute pdf writer or similar software installed.

Guru Planner's menu and navigation system uses whatever is set on the front screen of Guru Planner. This is where you need to change it so whenever you click 'work plan' it will go to the appropriate layout.


Planner type screenshot

What you need to do is give read/write access to the file below.

You should find it here:
C:\Users\logon-name\Guru Planner 2011\Guru Planner 2011.USR
(substitute the logon-name details to that of the user!)

Right –click on the file and go to properties, then the security tab and then edit to change permissions so the current user has Read & Write permissions.